Part 1 : Decide on a session

Check out the range of sessions we offer and,come to a decision on which one is best for you. The sessions differ by number of images, wardrobe changes and, different locations.

Part 2 : Make your booking

Phone me at 1-866-946-8472
There could be a wait, that being said phoning earlier instead of last minute is certainly recommended. To reserve a session you are required to give a retainer. Please make sure you have a credit card available.

Part 3 : Have fun

Enjoying yourself is probably the most important part of your photo session. If you’re enjoying yourself it will show in your photos. Give some thought to the way you want to appear. Dressy, laid back, both? What are your best outfits ? Having multiple choices is the best bet. Bringing more outfits than you need beats not bringing enough. You can read this article for clothing suggestions. Also we have a Pinterest page with further clothing suggestions . 


10 Images $199 Session Fee

Up to 45 minute photo sessionThis is our intro package. It’s your choice of indoor or, outdoor portraits. This session will gives you 10 fully edited images to choose from.

20 Images $299 Session Fee

Up to 2 hour Photo SessionWe call this package “Twice as good”. With this session you get both indoor and outdoor photos. We’ll shoot indoors and, nearby at an outdoor location. This package is perfect for a lifestyle session in and, around your home. You will get 20 Images to choose from.

30 Images $399 Session Fee

Up to 3 hour photo sessionThis is the “Whole Enchilada”. You get up to 3 different locations both indoors and, out. You’ll get a total of 30 images fully color corrected and, hand edited to choose from.


Our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Your session costs are based upon the type of session you choose.  After your session you will receive an order catalog and, a proof book so you can see all of your images in print. We guarantee that you will love those photos. If you don’t love the photos from your session you don’t have to order anything. We will return your session fees 100%. Once you place your order all sales are final.

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